i just thought this would be interesting to look at. these are the votes for austria from each country in the format: 

[judges’ rank][televoting rank][combined points awarded]

where a judge rank of 1st with a televoting rank of 3rd resulting in a combined points awarded of 12 would look like: 1 3 12

(a - in a position indicates that country does not use judge/televoting, and relies 100% on the other)

albania 6 - 5
armenia 24 2 0
azerbaijan 24 3 1
belarus 23 4 0
belgium 3 3 12
denmark 2 3 8
estonia 8 8 4
f.y.r. macedonia 14 5 3
finland 1 1 12 (also 1 by *every* judge)
france 4 2 10
georgia - 2 10
germany 11 1 7
greece 1 2 12
hungary 8 2 10
iceland 2 3 10
ireland 1 3 12
israel 1 2 12
italy 3 2 12
latvia 10 5 6
lithuania 1 5 10
malta 9 1 10
moldova 4 4 7
montenegro 17 5 2
norway 4 2 10
poland 19 4 0
portugal 6 1 12
romania 7 2 8
russia 11 3 5
san marino 14 - 0
slovenia 1 1 12 (also 1 by *every* judge)
spain 2 2 12
sweden 1 1 12
switzerland 1 1 12 (also 1 by 3 of 5 judges)
the netherlands 1 1 12
ukraine 3 5 8
united kingdom 3 3 12

if i class a “high” rank as anything 1-9, a “middle” rank as anything 10-19, and a “low” rank as anything 20-26 (not evenly split ik but i’m just doing it by digits for ease)

countries with low judge ranks and high televoting ranks:
armenia 24 2 0
azerbaijan 24 3 1
belarus 23 4 0

countries with middle judge ranks and high televoting ranks:
f.y.r. macedonia 14 5 3
germany 11 1 7
latvia 10 5 6
montenegro 17 5 2
poland 19 4 0
russia 11 3 5

countries with high judge ranks and low/middle televoting ranks:

countries purely with low/middle televoting ranks:

in fact, austria was voted 1st by 8 countries, 2nd by 10 countries, 3rd by 7 countries, 4th by 3 countries, 5th by 5 counties, and finally 8th by 1 country. displayed as a bit of a sideways bar chart, that skew looks like this (where a 0 represents 1 country’s vote as that position):

01: 00000000
02: 0000000000
03: 0000000
04: 000
05: 00000
08: 0

comparatively, judges’ rankings look like this:

01: 000000000
02: 000
03: 0000
04: 000
06: 00
07: 0
08: 00
09: 0
10: 0
11: 00
14: 00
17: 0
19: 0
23: 0
24: 00

which is just like, yes austria won, but if it had gone by just public voting, she would have won by a *lot* more of a points margin. which is a shame, because that wasn’t demonstrated so much on tv, the extent of support. it’s bad that a few loud voices can have so much more reach than they deserve.

tl;dr: the people of europe rock a lot more than the politics of (some of) europe.

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Be Anything - by bucketofmoonbeam

Booya. This fic was previously posted on jedcest.com. I managed to get in contact with the author, and am posting the fic here with her permission so that those who loved it / new readers can enjoy the cest! She has said she may write more chapters (there’s 11 atm, and the fic may be finished to 15) if people are interested in seeing the ending etc. So that’s a thing that might happen! Anyway…

(I’m going to put the fic under a Read More as there’s quite a lot of words, so clicky to ready:)

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Before Midnight (2013)
I think it’s from the time we leave our parents’ house until we have kids.
That’s the only time when your life is completely your own.

You know, I think I had about a decade of that.

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twd guesskies.

opening scene of rick, carl, michonne in the woods. carl hears a scream. walkers emerge and walker massacre action scene ensues.

they come across joe’s group that evening and joe threatens them. [1st set of adverts.] daryl tries to use a “claim” to his advantage in some way. but joe’s group overpowers them and takes their weapons. carl hides in a car but is found. knife to carl’s throat, rapey threats. rick mauls everyone to death. [2nd set of adverts.] shot of rick still awake with blood on him the next morning.

rick, carl, michonne, daryl continue to and arrive at terminus. gareth leads them in.

(they are put up in a weird candlelit room for the night? i just can’t think where else this promo clip would fit. and i don’t think it’s mr priest gabriel’s room cos i reckon that plotline will happen next season. beth won’t be seen in the finale.)

soon, something sparks rick’s group to not trust the terminus people. perhaps they spot an item belonging to maggie&co’s group at terminus - perhaps daryl’s old poncho. rick quizzes gareth (“where are our people?” in the promo), as he knows they’ve been there, but gareth&co deny it. after all, those who arrive at terminus survive, so they’d surely all still be there.

rick holds gareth’s friend(/brother?) at gunpoint [3rd set of adverts] and gareth hand signals for his sniper to fire. rick, carl, michonne, daryl have a shoot-out with gareth&co, but escape, along with *some of* maggie&co (maybe about 1/2 of that group), who emerge during the fighting. previously they were locked/tied up somewhere at terminus. during the battle, mary’s right eye gets injured.

then we see carol&co entering terminus. from a distance where rick’s group is convening, they spot this too. this way rick can see judith being walked into the death trap. perhaps they shout to carol, but she doesn’t hear, and disappears into the gates of terminus.

dun dun dun. season 5 (episode 1 called “B”, so end of 4 and start of 5 are the “A” & “B” of terminus) starts with them going to save carol&co, and the other 1/2 of maggie&co, from the terminus trap. here, mary gets her skull katana-chopped by michonne.

the wait between s4 and s5 has us wondering 1. whether carol&co will be ok and how rick&co can save them, 2. whether the members of the maggie&co group who didn’t emerge from and escape terminus are still alive or have been eaten, and 3. what’s happened to beth.

deaths: one of the maggie&co group is already dead and served to rick&co at terminus, and then another one of them gets killed in the shoot-out. bets on the dead ones being maggie (her burnt photo), and then bob (his flashback). maybe bob eaten and maggie shot, because then glenn can see maggie get shot. alternatively, glenn gets shot thanks to him not having his riot gear anymore.

my only problem with this order though is that in the promos, rick’s white tshirt is still white when he’s at terminus. and the mauling i feel would blood-stain it somewhat. which makes me think that perhaps he goes to terminus *first*. but then one of the promo shots seems to have daryl in a terminus-esque backdrop. so. maybe rick finds a washing machine.

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First Beth/Daryl fanfic I’ve written tbh. Reviews/thoughts/comments etc appreciated!

- - -

Daryl was hungry. Hungry for Beth.

He leant forward and brushed his lips against her flesh, tentatively. It had been a long time since he had had something as special as this, and he didn’t want to ruin the moment. For once, he felt safe. They felt safe. No amount of eagerness on his behalf would let him lose control and rush this, he was sure of it. This was special. She was special. And he wanted to savour every moment, to absorb every inch of her entirely.

Daryl cast his mind back to just a few days ago when the idea of this seemed like an impossibility to him, and yet here they were. Together. In the distance he could hear the muffled sounds of the others around the campfire, but his brain wasn’t concentrating on them. He nuzzled her, and nibbled gently against her skin. Right now, she was his everything. Only her. The world and its other demands would have to wait.

He closed his eyes, and lifted her up to meet his lips.

She was warm. Soft. Pressing his lips more firmly against her, Daryl slid his hands further down towards her middle, being careful not to squash her delicate frame as he adjusted his grip. He was glad she was wrapped up tight, as he feared that she would be getting cold soon, having been away from the fire for a while now. He tugged at the covers around her to make sure she was completely encased and no part of her was going to fall out into the night air, and then moved himself in closer.

His lips met with her again, and this time Daryl felt less in control. The animal instinct inside him wanted to ravage her, to devour her. She was his, and only his. In one swift motion, he bit down into her. The taste of her was even more than he could have imagined. He needed this. He drew back, and bit again.

Pace quickening, he moved his hands further down her body. He could feel her heat under his fingertips, and Daryl jolted. His breathing had become uneven long ago, but he drew his head back for long enough to utter a breathy “thank you” against her skin.

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Trigger Warning

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Breaking Bad Animated - What The Flula?!

"A confused German named Flula tries to describe last week’s "Breaking Bad". Then we animate it."

Anyone who watches Breaking Bad and hasn’t seen these should see them tbh. There’s 1 video for each of the last 8 eps of Season 5. It’s good. Watch it. Also there’s a version for Game of Thrones so yk maybe watch that too.

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Liz has her dead cat on her mind.

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We haven’t publicly come out yet

— John, on his relationship with Edward

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I got a little bit addicted to heroin.

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Alan Carr on British patriotism.

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I don’t think smiling makes other people smile.

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my accent paragraph tbh.

"See above those clouds, near where the blue sky appears to fold? Some say it is the entrance to the floating isles where pirates still rule the air and dragons choose to live. Only the most skilled pilots can sail their craft close enough to even glimpse the light coming from within. You can’t find those who know the way; they find you. Rather, you four lazy tourists must learn from your books and be ready, so that you may not miss an opportunity to travel to that mysterious place. It would be an adventure that you would never forget. Now, I think that’s enough with this pleasurable story telling. Go home and join your aunt - she’s cooking fine food!”

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[on remembering forgotten items whilst already committed to the queue]

"I’ll tell you one instance where this is acceptable. If you are at a supermarket and it’s not the express lane and you’ve got all your stuff on the conveyor belt… if then you forget something, I believe you are allowed one trip - one trip - while all your stuff is being added up, within say a minute limit, a-la Supermarket Sweep. If you can get back to the counter before your stuff’s been tallied up, then that’s allowed. If you get back and it’s been tallied up and they’re waiting for you, you have to buy everyone in the queue a Kinder Surprise."

Hamish Blake (2nd April 2007 podcast)

This is an idea I could get behind.

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Ando, you gotta do this quickly- I’ll explain later. There’s something that’s beating; it looks like a heart. Don’t think about it. Erm, you gotta do it while it’s still beating.

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