i had a dream last night where aside from a lot of other things, the main part of the plot was that john and edward lived together in a studio apartment which had 1 double bed that they shared. their bedsheets were a deep red colour with a pattern made of large white lettering that said short phrases like “i am a man” and “we are men”, and other such masculine-reaffirming phrases. there was another single bed that they kept in a cupboard, and for some reason i had to move in and sleep on that and be their roommate, which they were glad of because they didn’t have enough money for their rent. edward was gay, and not trying to hide it from the world too much, but hadn’t made any official statement yet, while the main plot twist was that john almost always dressed as a woman in private and only edward knew about it. then when they went outside john would pretend to be very butch and *manly*.

while they were having this conversation with me to explain john’s secret, john was carefully pinning little baby pink flowers and butterfly hair clips into his quiff. he also had glitter and little silver star sequins placed around his eyes. i presume edward had done this make up for him.

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we need more fics. write a fic. preferably a good one.

Once upon a time, John loved Edward and Edward loved John.

It was rough going for a while, and then they had sex.

That was rough too.

And then they hugged and snuggled and kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The End.

#award winning

*accepts awards*

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This shit is a quality reading of a quality story tbh.

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We haven’t publicly come out yet

— John, on his relationship with Edward

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i LOVE to see the people in the back of these interactions, cos it’s like “awww” and then “wait a minute - i think this is a bit weird” then “oh god what is happening” then “oh my, um, well I guess they’re not hurting anyone?” INSTACESTER CONVERTING POWER ACTIVATED 

I like her raised eyebrows in #3.

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I like how the 1D regulars were the ones who were all *oh no Larry is sick ew I hate Larry*. Parallels tbh.

Also, I think Channel 5 should commission a Crazy About Jedward.

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Based on a negative opinion by the twins of cest/cesters (Jedward say they like cest/cesters), Cesters are more likely to stop shipping the twins than Non-Cesters are to become anti-cesters.

Based on a positive opinion by the twins of cest/cesters (Jedward say they don’t like cest/cesters), Non-Cesters are slightly more likely to become cesters than Anti-Cesters are to stop being anti-cesters.

Non-Cesters are more than twice as likely to become cesters if the twins said they liked cest/cesters than they are to become anti-cesters if the twins said they didn’t like cest/cesters; Non-Cesters are more willing to become Cesters than to become Anti-Cesters.

Cesters are less likely to stop shipping the twins if the twins said they didn’t like cest/cesters than Anti-Cesters are to stop being anti-cesters if the twins said they did like cest/cesters; Cesters are less willing than Anti-Cesters to change their views to match those of the twins’.

In all instances, Jedward liking/disliking cest itself has a stronger pulling power on changing people’s cest-status than Jedward liking/disliking cesters.

Given the associated opinion on cest/cesters by the twins, the likeliness of each transition would be ranked from most likely to least likely as: Non-Cester>Cester, Anti-Cester>Non-/Cester, Non-Cester>Anti-Cester, and Cester>Non-/Anti-Cester.

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I think cest existing (i.e. fans shipping them and writing fanfiction) makes Jedward feel:


The four most popular words chosen by Cesters were: Amused, Embarrassed, Confused, Accepted.

The four most popular words chosen by Non-Cesters were: Embarrassed, Misunderstood, Upset, Confused.

The four most popular words chosen by Anti-Cesters were: Confused, Angry, Victimised, Scared.

While Anti-Cesters and Non-Cesters devoted about 25-30% of choices to Angry/Betrayed/Victimised/Scared, Cesters hardly chose these options at all.

The selections of Happy/Amused~ and Confused/Embarrassed~ feelings (grouped in yellowish and blueish shades respectively) are similar across all three cest-status groups, with the latter being the more popular.

Non-Cesters made the least selections of Understood/Accepted~ feelings (coloured in purpleish shades) of any cest-status group, with Cesters being most likely to choose these options.

Overall, Cesters chose an approximately 2:1 ratio of positive:negative feelings, while Non-Cesters’ ratio was 1:6 (the lowest of all three groups), and Anti-Cesters’ was approximately 1:2.

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Polls from Left>Right: Cesters, Non-Cesters, Anti-Cesters

The first in a series of 3 sets of poll results from polls conducted 5 months ago that I just realised I never graphed… If there are errors/typos in any of the observations I’ve written in any of these posts I apologise in advance.


Cesters are most likely to believe that Jedward are indifferent to cest existing, and least likely to believe that Jedward dislike cest existing. This is the opposite from Anti-Cesters’ opinions. Non-Cesters are almost equally divided between believing that Jedward are indifferent to, or disliking of, cest existing, with a small percentage believing that Jedward like cest existing.

Cesters are most likely to believe that Jedward like cesters equally to other fans, and least likely to believe that Jedward dislike cesters. This distribution of opinion is similar to that of Non-Cesters. Anti-Cesters, however, exclusively believe that Jedward dislike cesters (NB: this is based on just one vote because anti-cesters are useless at voting :/.)

Both Cesters and Non-Cesters believe that Jedward are more likely to have a favourable opinion of cesters than of cest, this view being more pronounced in Non-Cesters.

Cesters and Non-Cesters have more similar views on Jedward’s opinion of cesters: that they are vastly more likely to be liked equally to other fans than liked less / disliked.

Anti-Cesters and Non-Cesters have more similar views on Jedward’s opinion of cest: that they are unlikely to like cest, and more likely to be indifferent to / dislike cest.

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Warm-up exercises.

Warm-up exercises.

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seriously sobbing at john, jedward the 2nd. gah

Note: Jedward The 2nd and not John The 2nd. Jedward because the kids would be had with Edward, obviously. Cesty cesty. I can’t believe this has 28 notes and nobody’s pointed this out yet.

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