alexis-meadling asked: Smiley face, but I am totally down with being Timon! *throws on hula skirt and dances around* So yeah, how be thou?

I iz a little bored and a little hungry and a little uncertain about what to do.

How iz youz?

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alexis-meadling asked: I saw that you were bored so I thought I would pop in and say hi ouo

:D Is ouo a smiley or are you trying to do a Timon-about-to-dress-in-drag-and-do-the-hula impersonation?

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alexis-meadling asked: hello


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yourrescuemission asked: where is my thanks and praise for being the only one who cared enough to link you, for doing that as soon as i returned home. ungrateful.



(phone app doesn’t let me reply to replies and didn’t even let me click or copy and paste the link so I had to memorise it and type it into safari like a memory ninja) ((I was going to reply to the reply tomorrow with belated thanks tbh))

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raspberryassassin asked: mike birbiglia is the greatest person in the world come on

perhaps I shall have to consult The Google.

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yourrescuemission asked: ive answered it like 12 times

what was the answer?

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yourrescuemission asked: i don't understand how you feel that it hasn't been answered

did you answer?

i don’t remember an answer.

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drop-it-like-its--hot asked: Name 2 things you like about yourself, then pass this on to the first 10 people on your dash. #teamselfesteem

1. Fred

2. Bob

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yourrescuemission asked: oh you did edit the post why would you bother

Cos I’m awesome.

I still want to know why.

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Anonymous asked: Yeah, the photo I was referring to was a screenshot from a trailer. I read your speculations, and I agree that Rick must notice some item of a member of the prison group, whether it be the poncho, or a watch, and that's how he discovers that some of the former prison members are at Terminus. All I know is that the finale should be great!

Ikr! It’s exciting. And aw I’ve not spotted the watch chain in the trailers which is a fail on my part cos I’ve been through them and paused all the frames to try to notice things to work out what’s going to happen cos I’m really wanting to make sure that Daryl doesn’t die. :D

I think it would be really cool though if when Rick etc. get there Maggie&co aren’t there yet. Just cos that would be interesting and perhaps less expected. But it doesn’t seem to fit too well with that Reddit timeline of S4b unless loads of unaccounted for days of walking were added, which I guess they coulllllld be.

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Anonymous asked: how old are you?


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Anonymous asked: There's a photo from an international trailer that I've seen people speculate about Rick having Glenn's pocket watch, I think that is what Gareth gives to him, and he then asks "where are our people?" as in the promo.

Is it from a trailer or is it from the Facebook promo poster things? Cos Rick’s holding a gold chain in that. And yeah, I forgot that when I was writing my speculation thingy (if you read that?) so I guess that could be a thing instead/as well as the poncho. But tbh I just wanted it to be the poncho cos I thought it was a pretty random thing for Maggie to wear suddenly for the last shot of the episode *and* a rather bulky thing for Glenn to carry all that way. Like why bother with something so big and heavy? Silly Glenn.

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Anonymous asked: I'm sure a big part of your fic is making the reveal at the end a surprise, but I honestly think you should put a warning there. Reading that made me feel ill & I don't think cannibalism is funny. No disrespect meant to you, your writing style is good overall but I wouldn't have read that if I had been warned. It honestly made me feel queasy. =/

</3 I feel insulted tbh.

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Anonymous asked: WHAT THE FUCK you must be one sick person to write a 'fan' fiction about Daryl eating Beth? Daryl would NEVER do that. Do you find pleasure in cannibalism? Like holy shit. Horrible....


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Anonymous asked: do u still like jedward

Yes, in essence. For the memories.

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