Anonymous asked: Hey, what happened to the jedcest fandom ? Did something happen ? Kinda missed out on stuff...

I don’t think anything *happened* per se. It just kinda died down a bit and fewer fics got uploaded and fewer gifs/other creations were going on on tumblr. And yeah. I think cos of that (or causing that - probably a bit of both) people got less interested and it sorta died off for the most part. And do you mean you missed out on stuff or? You went away and came back and realised you missed out on the cest? Or maybe you’re one of the Jedwards contacting me tbh cos you’ve finally got tumblr and wanted to get involved in the cest shipping but then realised that you’re a bit late to the partay. Condolences in that case tbh xx

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Anonymous asked: Nina is one of my least favourites too, but idk if it's just me being picky cause I think song titles / lyrics that have peoples names in them are too personal, if that makes any sense? And I'm not too keen on The Man, because as you said it's more on the rappy side. I do quite like Take It Back tho :D Have you figured out what Shirtsleeves reminded you of yet? I thought it sounded familiar too.

I haven’t! I’ve just had a flick through all my Ed songs now and I still don’t know. It’s like the boppy beat underneath it, and the hm. I think the “hold ya” and “boat” words early on. Those kind of areas. I wonder if it’s cos the tune on the “boat” word is the same as the little tune on “shoulder” in Wake Me Up. Maybe that’s part of it. But the more I listen to it to try to work it out, the most it becomes its own song and so the harder it gets. :D

Hm. I don’t mind names too much. And he was pretty nice about Nina I think. But yeah that does make sense.

I had an issue yesterday tbh where my iTunes just deleted the whole album randomly. But I’ve got it back now and fixed the problem I think. It was very weird.

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Anonymous asked: Even My Dad Does Sometimes is probably my fourth favourite :D Are there any songs that you don't like?

Hmm, idk about *don’t like* cos I quite like all of them. There aren’t any that I’m going to delete. Least favourites though would be Nina (and I think that’s partly influenced by the name just cos I don’t really like the name Nina and that’s probably cos I really didn’t like Nina from Being Human :D), and then The Man and Take It Back, cos they’re more rappy. Although they will probably grow on me and possibly end up being favourites over time tbh cos that generally happens to me with those kind of songs.

Photograph is another favourite though tbh.

And Shirtsleeves I think sounds very reminiscent of another of his songs. Part of the melody in the verse. Very similar to something older. But I’ve not worked out which one yet.


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Anonymous asked: What do you think of Ed Sheeran's new album? :)

I haven’t got it yet but I plan to! I will probably get around to it later this week tbh. Then I shall let you know. What do you think? What are your top 3 songs from it?! (Then I know which ones to pay attention to first :D)

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hayles45 asked: I just managed to find your answer to my ask, tumblr really needs to sort out a notification system ;) You explain your ideas really well; Nala's my favourite character in TLK so it's awesome to read other people's analysis of her. I guess I was thrown off a bit by the way she excitedly says "Wait til everyone finds out you've been here all this time!", so I agree with you there :) And I do check as many tags as I can, as I want to hear what people think about the topic. It makes me happy :)

:D Dedication checking tags! Awards tbh. Yay Lion King.

Oh and also do you track your url? Like track hayles45. Cos I tag asks from people with their url and although not everyone does, a lot of people do, so that might make finding ask answers easier! :D

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drop-it-like-its--hot asked: I love how your answers to that quiz were all so vague like "black in the middle and a ring of colour and then the rest white" :P

:D Although tbh I would say while *some* might have been less than 100% on point, there were many very specific ones. I even quoted texts verbatim tbh and that took effort cos I had to get up and go all they way over to my phone to check. Dedication right there. I have a sneeze.

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hayles45 asked: I just read your tags on my Lion King post and that's a really interesting take on Nala's line :D I hope my point still comes across though :)

It does! I love your post tbh cos I’m not entirely sure I noticed that direct mother parallel before either. I always took Simba’s reaction to Nala’s mother comment as being like, for the first time in ages he’s being made to think about what he’s left behind and who he’s left behind, never really that he was remembering Scar’s guilt-tripping/scaring comment. But that’s an interesting take on it and I quite like it.

But yeah. To me Nala definitely wasn’t being especially positive, like ooh your mother will be so happy! To me she was like your mother will be a) surprised but mostly b) kinda disappointed that you’d left her and yet you’re still alive, like you’ve been here all this time and abandoned her. But then on top of that Nala’s just so excited about everything the excitement comes through and covers a bit of that so it seems more positive than I think she’s thinking it is cos she’s just so giddy about this new news about him being alive. :D

Also lol how did you read the tags? Like did you see a reblog and go check out the post specifically or do you have an extensionny thing to give you dash notifs of tags added to reblogs of your things? Cos I never think creators/whoever I reblogged from would read tags!!

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yourrescuemission asked: ⚾️🏆👏👑


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These hugs are a day old but fortunately they don’t go off like cheese so all’s good.

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Anonymous asked: Well, I'm that too...

Ah ha. Of course you are. I do like a good tumblr psychic ninja.

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Anonymous asked: I get bored just doing one thing at once too! It's quite a problem...

Oh wow, that post posted! I had my thing on airplane mode and thought I lost it tbh. Then I considered retyping it but decided I cba. How strange. Lol anon, I thought you were some kind of tumblr psychic ninja. :D

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yourrescuemission asked: sea salt spray seems trendy

I *am* very trendy.

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Anonymous asked: No but if you're really bored maybe you could find something for me :D. Jedward covered A Thousand Miles a few years ago and there was a video of it on youtube but I can't find it back soo..

(actually I’m going to make a new text post)

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Anonymous asked: It was recorded by them to upload to youtube, just like they covered Girls don't like boys, it was a video like that. They didn't use a guitar, just an instrumental from youtube. There was only audio and a picture of them, no video of them singing it.. I thought it was uploaded to jedwardtv but it isn't there anymore and there used to be a channel uploading everything they once uploaded but I can't find their channel anyway thanks for helping!

Aw. I can’t find it! I had a good look. I don’t know what’s happened to it. But I do remember the ones you were talking about, and others of them are around. Maybe someone downloaded the audio though before the video disappeared? I’m going to tag the other ask tbh and post it in the tag just in case. I’m sorry I couldn’t help more!

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